2 Click Solution to NY Times Paywall

A couple of months ago the NY Times closed my favorite loophole in their paywall. Since then a new workaround has popped up but then been closed down. In my ongoing mission to avoid paying for the news I’ve put together my own bookmarklet. It does however require 2 clicks! That is utterly repulsive to my lazy nature, but so far I have not been able to find a working solution to the issue. I thought I’d share my inelegant solution in hopes that someone smart out there could perfect it. Without further preamble here it is:


pull this link to your book marks bar. When you’re on a NY Times page and the paywall appears just click it. It will take you to google.com with your article as the top result. Click the link and voila, no paywall.

(yes, I’ve tried using “I’m feeling lucky” to avoid the 2nd click, but I can’t get it working. Happy to discuss enhancements with anyone who has any ideas.)